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April 13, 2002
After building a new car over the winter it was time to put the car on the track and see how it performed. To our surprise the car pefromed well. He started seventh in the heat and by the end of the eight laps had moved all the way up to third. That meant that he would have to start fourth in the main event. During the main event we didn't encounter any problems and ended up finishing fourth.

April 20, 2002
After having a good night last week it was time to see if we could duplicate our performance. In the heat he was suppose to start third but the two drivers that started in front of us swapped cars so that meant they had to start in the back and we moved up to the pole. On the start in turn one we got bumped by the 51 Randy Flemming and spun out. So he ended up finishing eighth. He strarted dead last in the main event and by the end of the 25 laps he was up to eighth place

June 1, 2002
After making a few changes over the long break it was time to see how the car was, During practice the car was turning good times. In the heat he started second and dropped back to third. He started sixth in the main and was moving in on the leaders in fourth place when the number 7 and 15 got together on the back streched and both cars rolled over. Then after the restart on lap 20 the number 51 pushed up inot the left front of his car and took him out of the race.

June 15, 2002
Finished 3rd in the heat after getting spun out on the first lap. Then finished 14th in the main event after getting tooken out by the number 51 of Randy Flemming again for the second week in a row.

June 29th 2002:
Tonight was a good over all night. Started 3rd in the heat race and moved to 2nd place on the first lap and went on to finish 2nd. So that moved us on to the trophy dash where we finished fourth. They drew a four car invert so that meant we started 2nd. The car was running good until the 25 car of Kenny Eskew slid into us coming out of turn two and pushed us into the wall. We then dropped back to fourth place where we stayed for the rest of the night.

July 13th 2002:
Tonight is the best night that J&K Racing has had all year. We started fourth in the heat race and ended up second at the end. Then in the main event we started eigth and by lap 12 we were in the lead and at the end we were in second and now we are third in points.

July 20th 2002:
Tonight wasn't that bad of a night. We finished second in the heat and trophy dash and then finished sixth in the main

July 27th, 2992:
We did it!!!! Tonight was a great night for J&K Racing. We started sixth in the heat race and jumped to third. Then in the main we started thrid and by lap three we were in the lead and never lookied back, winning the race.

August 10th, 2002:
Tonight wasnt that bad of a night we started third i nthe heat and finished third. Then started fourth in the main and finished eighth in the main.

August 24th, 2002:
Tonight wasnt that bad of a night we started sixth in the heat and finished sixth. Then started eleventh in the main and finished sixth.