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Welcome To Our Home Page
Welcome to J&K Racing. J&K Racing is owned and operated by John and Kristi McCollum from Stockton Califonia. They own the number 40 Toyota Sedan driven by John McCollum Jr. Last year his father raced the car and has now decided to turn the driving responsibility over to their son John.
Site Updates

4/5/03 Updated site with new news!!!!!

Four wide in the trophy dash on June 29th 2002

First Race!!!!!!!!!
Tonight was a good night, we started first in the heat race and led the first five laps and was then passed by David Lander and Chris Lewis and ended up third. We then started second in the main event and finished third.

The Next Race !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The next race of the season: May 17th The night features the Grand American Modifieds, Sportsman, Jr. Grand American, Toyota Sedans, and the Pure Stock.

In turn 3

If you would like some pictures of the car email the webmaster/driver at johnboy_95204@yahoo.com or the crew chief at toyotaracing40@yahoo.com